We Make it Better

With an apology to the Beatles I am starting this blog post with a line from their lyrics: “… you can start to make it better”. I’ve always suspected that “Hey Jude” was written with massage therapy in mind. With words like “any time you feel the pain”, or “the movement you need is on your shoulder”, how can you not?

“Make it better” is the whole essence of our profession. You see, as massage therapists, we are rarely able to fix a health problem outright, but almost always we can make your condition better. From a paper cut on your finger to a twisted ankle, to sciatica pain, to migraine headaches, to the recovery from a major surgery – the list of conditions that can be improved by massage is seemingly endless. To name them all, one will have to write a book as thick as this one.

Massage and lymphatic drainage reduce stress and anxiety, lessen pain, relax muscles, strengthen immunity, improve circulation, increase mobility of joints. But most importantly, our touch sends a message to your Central Nervous System telling it to do the healing.

Whatever pain or discomfort you are currently experiencing, there is no need to wait. Come to Breathe Spa, where we can improve your condition and make you feel better.

Go online to www.breathespa.ca or call us at 403-457-3060 and make an appointment. We make it better.

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