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In the March 2019 blog post “Go With the Flow” I went through some general effects of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). Here let's get more specific and talk about the benefits of MLD for expectant mothers and their babies.

* Calming Effect. Pregnancy causes profound changes to a woman’s body and is also a time of an emotional upheaval, where euphoria and expectation alternate with fear and anxiety. The stress of this emotional roller coaster leads to increased maternal heart rate and blood pressure, miscarriage, reduced blood supply to uterus, nausea and toxemia. Lymphatic Drainage is an excellent non-invasive non-medication method to calm down the Central Nervous System and reduce stress.

* Swelling Reduction. Pregnancy hormones estrogen and progesterone increase blood volume by 30% and more and dilate the peripheral blood vessels. This, and the mechanical effects of heavy uterus, lead to leg swelling, especially in the late second or third trimester. And again the best non-medication method to reduce swelling is the Lymphatic Drainage.

* Blood Pressure Control. High blood pressure is one the most common effects of pregnancy and can lead to further complications. Lymphatic Drainage promotes circulation, speeds up the lymph flow and reduces blood pressure.

* Stronger Immune System. Lymphatic system is critical to the immune defence of the body. It is in the lymph, that coordination and transport of immune cells to identify and kill toxins, takes place. Lymphatic Drainage facilitates the flow of lymph and strengthens the immune system for both mother and baby.

* Improved Digestion. Pregnancy hormones, which inhibit maternal rejection of the embryo, are also responsible for several common discomforts – constipation, heartburn, nausea and vomiting. Digestion-promoting drugs and even some massage techniques generally used to relief constipation are not safe during pregnancy because of their side effects and effect on the uterus. Lymphatic Drainage can be effectively used instead.

* Postpartum Recovery. The flow of lymph plays a major role in reducing inflammation and aiding the healing process. After vaginal birth or C-section, Manual Lymphatic Drainage will diminish the swelling and help the body recover faster. In the latter case it will also help to reduce fibrous build-up around the scar.

This was a short list of what Lymphatic Drainage can do for expectant mothers and their babies. We could also tell you about the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage for the skin, the bladder function, varicose veins, pain reduction and more.

The bottom line is that we at Breathe Spa have a great resource to help you and your baby during pregnancy and after. Use it! Go online to or call us at 403-457-3060 and make an appointment.

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