We Dig Scars

As a soft tissue therapist, I get to work on clients' scars, some superficial on the skin, others internal from the muscle or connective tissue injuries. You might remember my earlier blog post "A Scar is Born". Here is more on the subject.

The forecast says it is going to snow this coming weekend. Maybe it will, maybe not, but these are clearly winter's last gasps, and the summer is just around the corner. So out come hiking boots, mountain bikes, skateboards, roller blades and other implements of active outdoor lifestyle.

Take a deep breath, partner and slow down. I know you can't wait to feel the sunshine and warm breeze on your face, but give your body a chance to adjust. Over the winter you might have lost some flexibility, or strength, or balance, or put on a few pounds. Take it easy for the first few days, warm up your muscles and joints and wear protective equipment.

Don't be like sir Bartholomew here, who had overestimated his abilities and took a nasty wipe-out trying to grind a steep ledge not wearing a helmet. He broke his skateboard and probably a few bones as well.

Remember what this daredevil Evel Knievel once said: "Bones heal, pain is temporary, chicks dig scars"? Don't listen to him. I don't know about the chicks part, but the first two statements are wrong. Evel was an entertainer, not a therapist, and he didn't know that bones and especially joints don't always heal properly, and pain is not always temporary. Sometimes it is chronic and lasts years, or even a lifetime.

Admire and respect your body and take a good care of it. And if you do get injured, don't ignore the pain even if it is minor at first. Drop your activity and go see a doctor. And later after the doctor does her magic, come and see us at the Breathe Spa. We here have a multitude of tools to help your body heal itself and to reduce the scarring (you didn't really believe Evel in the first place, did you?).

Go to www.breathespa.ca or call us at 403-457-3060 and make an appointment with Cheryl, Keli, Yelena, or Ilya. Massage and lymphatic drainage do wonders to help you heal and feel better.

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