Pandiculate With Us

Here is a new word for you: “Pandiculation”. It has no connection to panda bears, but comes from the Latin “pandiculari” – to stretch oneself. Pandiculation means stretching one’s body after sleep. You may have not known the word, but you know the concept and have been doing it instinctively every morning while still in bed. And, by the way, Microsoft Word has never heard of it either and highlighted it in red in my text.

Pandiculation is what animals do in the spring after hibernation. This helps them prepare their weakened lethargic bodies to the activities that lie ahead.

In certain ways, we, as people, hibernate in winter, as well. We stay indoors more and rarely go for walks or bike rides allowing our muscles to lose tone and our joints to reduce mobility. Our circulation suffers too, as it depends on body movement to push it along.

The winter is over. Let’s bring back the healthy, beautiful and energetic you. Here at Breathe Spa we know how to stretch your muscles, mobilize your joints and get your lymph flowing. It will be good for your body and make you feel better about the world and yourself.

Cheryl, Keli, Yelena and Ilya are here for you. Go online to or call us at 403-457-3060 and make an appointment.

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