Bearing the Pain

Look at this bear high up in a tree, taking a break from the stresses of daily life, so peaceful and deep in thought. What the poor animal doesn’t realize is that he is about to get a heck of a pain in his sit bones.

The “sit bones”, or “sitz”, is a common name of bony bumps at the bottom of our buttocks, which bear (pun intended) most of our weight when sitting. The medical term for sitz is “ischial tuberosities”, and they are some of the most common locations of pelvic pain. This condition is often referred to as “Weaver’s Bottom” or Pain in the Butt (PITA for short).

It turns out that bears are not the only ones abusing their bare bottoms against hard surfaces. Here is an American writer Jerome Salinger, the author of the 1950s cult classic “Catcher in the Rye” working au naturel. One thing he is about to catch is the wry aching pain in his behind.

The sitz become painful not only because they support most of the body weight in the sitting position, but also because they are the sites of origin of a number of powerful muscles and ligaments, such as hamstrings and adductors. The forceful pull of these muscles in sports like soccer, cycling and jumping can overload ischial tuberosities and even fracture them. And this would hurt.

Take a good care of your sit bones. Put an extra layer between you and a hard surface if you have to sit on it for a long time. Warm up and stretch before workouts. Have massage treatments regularly.

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