Soccer Pains

With the World Cup 2018 in full swing, soccer is on everyone’s mind. Much has been said about soccer players dramatizing the pain experience for their advantage. Yes, it happens, but here let’s get real and talk about one of the most common athletic injuries, a groin injury, which is so prevalent among soccer players.

The sport of soccer involves running with acceleration, running backwards, kicking, rapid change of direction, jumping sideways, and colliding pelvis-on-pelvis with other players.

These movements, especially when executed at the highest level of professional sports, place an extraordinary stress on the muscles attached to the pubic bone, such as the Rectus Abdominis and the adductor muscles. The stress causes these muscles to partially tear (strain) or to go into spasm, resulting in the excruciating pain.

Repetitive injuries to the muscles attached to the pubic bone often results in an inflammation of the Pubic Symphysis, a cartilage joint connecting the left and the right sides of the pubic bone. This painful condition is known as Osteitis Pubis.

Of course the groin injuries don’t only happen to professional athletes. They are common in our daily lives as well, especially when we make our groin muscles work rapidly and without a proper warm-up.

As massage therapists, we are trained to help the injured muscles heal and the spasmodic muscles to calm down. We do it indirectly even in situations, when some muscle attachments are beyond the reach for modesty reasons.

Incidentally, the treatment of Rectus Abdominis and the adductor muscles is a part of the full body massage I do for my clients at the Breathe Spa. Even when these muscles are not injured, they often require some maintenance.

Come and see for yourself. Go online at or call us at 403-457-3060 and make an appointment.

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