That's Swell!

The use of the word “swell” as a replacement to “great” or “fantastic” went out some time in the last century together with lava lamps, rotary telephones and polyester pants. Today nobody would even admit to remembering the saying “that’s swell!”, so prominently featured in “Leave It to Beaver” and “The Shining”.

Although the word is obsolete, but not the phenomenon. Swelling is an enlargement of a body part, caused by the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. It can be as simple as a puffy lip after being hit with a basketball (simple edema), to something quite serious, such as Lymphedema, a chronic swelling, resulting from impaired lymphatic system, for example, as a cancer treatment complication.

If you’ve been trying to book a massage with me at the Breathe Spa, you might have noticed that no time slots were available. The reason is that this Thursday, I’ll be going to Victoria, for 10 days to learn more about the treatment of swelling using lymphatic drainage (5 days in Victoria, then back in Calgary for 2, then 5 more in Victoria).

I’ll be back at the clinic on May 2, and with the new skills will make your future massage treatments even better. Enjoy the spring and see you soon!

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