Falling Down

I know what you are thinking: “here goes Ilya with another one of his obscure pop-culture references which he uses as segues into his blog posts. He’s probably going to talk about the movie “Falling Down”, which ostensibly shows the unraveling of Michael Douglas’s character, but in fact portrays the decay of the American society. But I am not going to mention any of that.

Instead, let’s talk about how the long winter season is finally coming to an end, how the many sidewalks are still icy, and how we are all prone to slip and trip and fall down.

Falling awkwardly and landing hard can cause a variety of injuries with the sprains, strains, and fractures being the most common. But even if you happen to fall on a soft spot, such as your behind, and your first thought might be, “that’s OK, it didn’t hurt much - I might get a bruise, but almost no one is going to see it”, there are often consequences.

The two typical injuries from landing hard on your butt are:

1. Coccydynia – pain and discomfort caused by dislocation or fracture of the tailbone

2. Piriformis syndrome – a radiating pain in the buttock caused by the squeezing of the sciatic nerve by spasmodic or injured Piriformis muscle.

Both of these are serious and painful conditions and should not be ignored. For the first one, the Coccydynia, you would need to see a professional. A trained doctor using specialized equipment will be able to diagnose the damage done to the tailbone and then fix it with surgery or manual manipulation. It would not be a massage therapist treating you for Coccydynia, although we are trained to relieve some of its symptoms and to improve the tissue health.

The second one, the Piriformis Syndrome, however, is within my scope of practice. If you did have an unfortunate fall, landed on your behind, and now have a buttock pain with the numbness and tingling along the back of the leg, come and see me. There are massage methods, stretches, and home exercises to make you feel better. Book online at www.breathespa.ca, or call the Breathe Spa at 403-457-3060 and make an appointment with me for a therapeutic or a relaxation massage.

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