Pain Again

As I go about doing the massage treatment, kneading, stretching and compressing muscles, I keep checking with my clients if the pressure feels comfortable to them. The question sounds something like this: “How is the pressure, is it too little, or too much?” I was taught to ask this by the massage school instructors in the very beginning of my training, and the question makes perfect sense.

What doesn’t make sense, is the answer I keep hearing again and again. Me: “How is the pressure?” The client: “You can press harder, I can take a lot of pain”. What? The first time it happened, I thought that I misheard. Then it became apparent that many clients do expect their visit to a massage therapist to be an exercise in pain and a test of how much of it they can take.

Well, not with this massage therapist. Although I often apply a considerable pressure to your muscles, lean with my body weight and use my elbows, I do it very carefully and have a firm belief that a massage treatment should not be painful.

Now, if you come to me with a strained achy muscle, which has started to heal but is still painful, than yes, the friction I apply to the scar tissue might aggravate the existing pain a bit. But you should feel no new pain getting off the massage table, which you have not already had before getting on it. And how can it be otherwise? The whole purpose of what I do is to make your pain go away.

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