The Fascia Show

Remember the weird muscle posters on the walls of your high school anatomy class, and how you were supposed to memorize muscles’ names and functions, but never did?

It’s all hazy now, and the only thing you remember is that the human body contains a large number of distinct individual muscles.

Well, it turns out that even this, is not true at all. The muscles in our bodies are not distinct or independent. They are connected by a continuous layer of strong flexible tissue, called fascia.

Under our skin, the fascia envelops all of our body like a stocking, varying in thickness from few millimeters to several centimeters. It shapes the soft tissues, helps to retain heat, acts as a shock absorber, fights infection and has many other functions.

The fascia also transmits the tension between the adjacent muscles and even between muscles in different parts of your body. I bet you didn’t know that this tightness you feel in your jaw could be caused by some muscle imbalance in your lower back (a rare, but possible condition).

And that’s why, when you come for the massage, it is so important to treat the whole body. From the myofascial (muscular fascial) point of view, treating only the neck, for example, makes no sense. The source of the neck pain and discomfort is often located somewhere else.

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