Butt Scratcher, Anyone?

If you watch “Family Guy”, you might remember the episode when Peter was in business of selling butt-scratchers. Comedy aside, there could actually be a demand for such a device.

You see, in order to scratch one’s behind, one needs to extend the arm behind the back and rotate it outwardly. This trivial task, however, could be quite painful for those, with an injury to the muscles of the shoulder, or to the joint itself. In fact, an occurrence of pain on the extension and outward rotation of the arm is one the main symptoms of a serious condition, called the “frozen shoulder”.

Massage therapy is not always successful treating the pathologies of the shoulder joint. Sometimes a surgery, followed by a long remedial program is required. However we, as massage therapists, can stretch and strengthen the soft tissues surrounding the shoulder joint, reducing the pain and increasing its range of motion.

So, if you have a persistent pain in the shoulder, don’t run out and invest in a butt-scratcher. Come and see me instead. Book online at www.breathespa.ca, or call the Breathe Spa at 403-457-3060 and make an appointment with me for a therapeutic or a relaxation massage.

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